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Frequently Asked Questions


I own my property, why do I have to pay monthly HOA dues?

Monthly HOA dues cover the costs for all of the shared amenities and resources your community enjoys. These may vary, but often include a pool, tennis courts, landscaping, and exterior maintenance.  Your HOA also carries a blanket insurance policy to ensure against property and incidental damage to the community.  Additionally, your HOA dues cover the cost of professional HOA management with Keystone.  Our team is available to you to handle any concerns you may have regarding your HOA community; we enforce community rules and by-laws, coordinate maintenance, process payments, and attend all board meetings.  All unused funds go into a reserve which can be used for large scale maintenance, such as parking lot resurfacing and exterior renovations.

How much are my monthly HOA dues?

HOA dues vary from community to community and depend greatly on the services and amenities that are offered.  To find out how much your monthly dues are and what they cover, visit the “HOA Documents” page of our site.

How do I know what repairs are covered by my HOA?

What an HOA covers varies from community to community, but typically, all exterior maintenance to your building will be covered.  You can refer to your community’s corporate documents   for detailed information on what is covered.  Additionally, by submitting a “Maintenance Request” or “Contact Us” form, you will prompt one of our representatives to contact you regarding your concern and help you to determine if your maintenance request will be covered by the HOA.

There is maintenance that needs completed in my community, what is the best way to let someone know?

There are several ways to let your community manager know about needed maintenance, all maintenance requests must be in writing:

1)Submit a “Maintenance Request” online or print and drop off at our office

2)Complete a “Contact Us” form on our site

3)Email your property manager directly, contact information for your property manager can be found by registering and logging in to the site

When does my community pool open?

Each HOA board decides when they will open and close their community pools for the season.  This is typically announced in the Spring/Summer Newsletter for each community and will be posted to your “Event Calendar” once your board has decided.


Why do I have to pay a monthly fee even after my apartment is rented?

At Keystone, we pride ourselves in the ability to meet all of your property management needs.  Our inclusive property management package allows us to handle the entire administration of your rental, from marketing your property and screening qualified applicants, to handling rent collections and maintenance, keeping detailed records, and responding to tenant concerns.  When you choose Keystone, you can rest assured that we are working hard to make your rental property work for you. 

If you prefer to handle the day-to-day administration of your rental on your own, our “lease-for-one” may be the right choice for you.  Our team will market your property, screen qualified applicants, and provide you with a completed rental packet, for one low cost.

If my rental needs maintenance, will Keystone complete the work?

When you list your rental with us, we will ask you how you prefer we handle any maintenance issues that may arise. 

Typically, we will handle all minor maintenance concerns (under $200) right away, and bill the property owner (or deduct it from that month’s rent before distributing it into their account).  For larger maintenance concerns, it is our policy to contact the property owner and gather estimates, as needed, before making any repairs, unless instructed otherwise.

What if my tenant is breaking the terms of the lease?

We keep detailed records on all of our listings.  All infractions, including the late payment of rent(s), are documented and taken seriously.  We strictly enforce all aspects of the lease agreement and are prepared to assist in the eviction process if necessary. 


Do I have to rent from Keystone or be a member of one of your HOA communities in order to utilize your maintenance services?

No.  Our maintenance team is available to homeowners and renters throughout Greenville and surrounding communities.  The only difference is, if you rent through Keystone, or are a member of one of our HOA communities, the cost of maintenance may be covered by the property owner or HOA, respectively.


Can I still be considered for a rental even if I have poor/no credit history?

Yes.  We encourage all interested applicants to apply to the rental property you wish to be considered for.  We consider many factors during applicant screening in addition to credit history.  While we are not saying that credit is not an important factor in our final decision, mananagement does have the ability to make an exception for extenuating circumstances.  Additionally, a co-signer is another option for those who have less than perfect credit, but it is important to note that a co-signer will be held financially responsible for all fees  you (as the tenant) incur during the term of your lease.

I don’t see the property I am looking for interested in listed on your site.  Do you have any more properties?

Our active listings are currently changing as properties are rented and new properties become available.  All of our listings come from private property owners so we never know what me available in the future.  We do our best to keep our site current, typically updating listings at least once per day.  We encourage you to check back daily to see if we have a property available that meets your needs!